Hello to All,  

I would like to send out a big THANK YOU! to all who attended my concert in Selma, NC...What a great turnout and enthusiastic crowd, especially for a matinee show! As most of you already know, it was my first full performance in over seven months. I was a little nervous, but got thru the performance a little better than I expected. I am happy to say that most of the pain is gone from my feet, just some numbness, mostly in my left foot remains.

So, I really do feel I am on my way to recovery. I owe my healing, of course, to my son Dr. Joey. He started treating me in April and healing is taking place just like he said.. He said it will take a lot of time for the damaged nerve to heal, as nerves take much longer to heal than any other tissue in the body. My last exam showed that my upper cervical adjustment was still holding (for 15 weeks straight now). So healing is taking place.

It is going to take some time to get my legs in better shape as I have not been able to use them ( for walking and such) to keep them in shape....I had terrible leg and feet cramps Saturday night after the Matinee, I'm sure the cramps were caused from lack of use due to my foot pain. As the numbness gets less in my feet, I will be doing more walking to get stronger.

I plan to take more offers for concert performances, as they come, but not looking for a real heavy one til I feel I can handle it....I am still in a "wait and see" mode..

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes...I look forward to getting back on stage in the future and entertain like I have in the past.....Please keep watching the website concert schedule and maybe I will soon be coming to a theater near you.......




Hey Everybody,

Hope all are dealing with the heat of summer without too much hassle....I have been home relaxing the last 2 weeks.....Spending a lot of time in the lake......This week Aug 1, I plan to go back to Hickory, NC for another check and/or an adjustment if needed.....I have been holding my adjustment for well over a month now.....I am feeling some relief, but not near where I want or need to be....Sure do miss seeing everyone.....wish I had more news.....looks like it is going to be a slow process.....Please don't forget about me, til I can return ....Have a wonderful summer.


P.S. I understand the rumor is going around that I have retired permanently .......NOT TRUE, NOT TRUE....Just incapacitated temporarily.....spread the TRUTH.



Hello everyone, Eddie here with not much news....

I wish I had more to offer in form of an update on my situation. I would add information on a more regular basis, if there was something different to add.I know everyone gets anxious for news, and I am anxious to get better.I am still going back and forth from home in Ky to Hickory. I stay a week or so at Joey's, then go home for a week.

I am noticing some improvement in the pain level in my feet, pain has lessened and been replaced with numbness. At least less pain is a good step forward.The adjustments to my upper cervical are holding longer each time, at first I was only holding 3 or 4 days at a time, now I am holding corrective adjustment for 10 days.

Joey explained that the adjustments need to hold for 6 weeks or more in order for real healing to take place. It may be a longer process than I would like, but I feel we are truly moving in a positive direction.

I am really hoping and praying that I will be able to get back to entertaining again by this fall.

Thanks to all for all the prayers and Happy Father Day wishes. Hope to see you all from the stage before the year is out..



Hey everyone,

Just me with an update...Back in Hickory, NC after a week back home.. The upper cervical adjustments are helping...The last 2 adjustments held for a week...During that time I noticed good improvement in my leg and feet pain only to worsen at the end of the 7 day period...But after another adjustment this morning (May 11) I am starting to feel some noticeable easing in the pain. So I will continue with Dr, Joey's treatment...The goal, of course, is for the adjustments to hold for longer periods of time and ultimately permanent, so healing can occur... At least I am getting some relief, which is more than I have gotten anywhere else, even though I am not totally where I want to be yet. I will be staying at Joey's for another week or 2 for more correction to my upper cervical area with high hopes for the adjustments to hold so healing can continue...

Also BIG NEWS for me as a proud father. Joey just returned from Las Vegas from the National Convention of Upper Cervical Doctors of America, where Joey was a featured speaker for his first time. While there, a vote among all the Doctors was held and Dr. Joseph Edward Miles , Jr. was awarded the prestigious "Upper Cervical DOCTOR OF THE YEAR" award.! People, that is Nation Wide.!!!

Not only that, he was nominated to be a member of the "National Upper Cervical Counsel and Advisory Board", the youngest Doctor to ever be nominated. Talk about a PROUD DAD! I always have been proud of him anyway, but so proud of his accomplishments and looking forward to many more to come ....

I have every confidence that he is on his way to being the Doctor that gets me back on my feet, when so many so called "medical doctors" have not.

Look forward to seeing you all sometime in the future...As always, appreciated the prayers and well wishes.. Believe me, I miss you all more than you miss me.....



Hello Everyone,

Sorry about the delay with any updates about my condition.
I really did not have much to add to my last update until today, April 29...

I completed the 6 weeks of laser treatments in Myrtle Beach with no improvement in pain relief...Laser people, who boasted a 90% success rate in pain relief, offered to do 2 more weeks of treatment...But with no relief. or noticeable improvement after the 1st recommended 6 weeks , I decided to go to my son, Joey, who is a doctor of Chiropractic specializing in Upper Cervical Care..

Immediately, Joey took X-rays and found my atlas vertebrae ( the top rocker type vertebrae that my skull sits on) was misaligned. I have basically been off my rocker a long time; as I am sure many of you already suspected!! Ha !

Joey believes, and knows from experience, that the body can heal itself if a misaligned upper cervical atlas vertebrae is corrected at the base of the skull, where the brain stem exits into the spine. Any pressure, or nerve interference, at this point, can and does, have endless negative results on one's health. Even all the way down the spine. From there all the way to the feet.

After several adjustments on my upper cervical area, I am for the first time in over a year, this day Apr 29. feeling a little relief of pain in my feet. Not pain free, but feeling some optimistic easing of the pain.

Have been staying with Joey since April 18 , I plan to be back home in KY on May 2. ...till then, Joey will check me daily to see if adjustments are holding or if more adjustments needed....Joey leaves May 2 for the National Convention of Upper Cervical Doctors where he is a main speaker at the event.....When he returns I will return to Hickory, NC for more care......

I have spinal epidural injections scheduled, May 10 in Louisville, Ky, recommended by a orthapedic surgeon there. Not sure if I will go thru with it... Epidural injections just mask pain and don't cure the problem...

Surgery has not been totally ruled out by me, but is certainly my very last option,

I have great faith in Joey, in his belief and expertise of skill in his profession. I plan to continue with him until I am pain free or til we both agree that another avenue is needed.

Thanks for all the support and well wishes and continued prayers. I will try to be better with more regular updates on my condition. Your concerns for my well being are very much appreciated.

I am very optimistic and very much looking forward to getting my life back..Hope to see you all when I am back to being me! 


                Hey Everyone, Eddie Here....  

With an update on what's going on with me...I am still in Myrtle Beach continuing with Curaelase Laser Treatments, just 4 more sessions left...No improvements in my pain relief..Will be finished April 10, however, I think I have found out the cause of the pain...

Had an MRI done in Louisville, right before I left for Myrtle Beach for the laser treatments...Finally had the MRI read by 2 Orthopedic Surgeons here in SC.... After reading the MRI ,they both found a nerve badly pinched in my lower spine (at the L4/L5 vertebrae)..


The first Dr. said he didn't know how I was even walking..The 2nd Dr. did neurological tests for neuropathy. He ruled out neuropathy..He was certain the pain in my feet and legs was caused by the pinched nerve...I saw the pictures from the MRI, the nerve looks like it is mashed down to nothing.... Of course, they both said , It could be fixed with surgery, but no guarantees.

I want to avoid surgery, if at all possible...

My son, Dr. Joey Miles, who has his office in Hickory, NC, is having lots of success in the treatment of pinched nerves in the spine... I would have gone to him at first if I had known about the MRI findings soon enough......So my plan is to finish the laser treatments that they have recommended, as they say they have the great success in treatment of pinched nerves...although .I originally came to them for feet pain, thinking the problem was in my feet and not my lower spine, So I will go ahead and finish what they recommended...... being as I am already here, I will finish what I started..

When finished with laser, I plan to spend whatever time needed with Joey and continue with whatever treatment he recommends....

Diana, is lining up some orthopedic surgeons to meet with in Louisville, KY, if that is the route I end up having to go with when I get back home. Surgery will be my last resort...

Looks like I will be out of commission a while longer....I will keep on continuing with optimism....So tired of the pain and terribly homesick but at least I know more about what I am dealing with and where the pain is coming from......Thanks for your continued Prayers..



Hey to everyone!
 Have finished my 6th treatment, 8 more to go..Have not received any noticeable improvement yet ....trying to stay optimistic though....really missing being home.....but have been getting lots of sun and a noticeable tan at the beach each day, weather is gorgeous....thanks for all the prayers and well wishes...




Hello to all.

Eddie here with an update...
I have started a new treatment in Myrtle Beach for the pain in my feet. This is a fairly new thing, and If I understand correctly, this is the only place in the world one can get this treatment. I am trying to stay very optimistic about this new procedure.
It involves laser therapy that is helping a lot of people that can't get any pain relief anywhere else.  Looks like I will be here for 6 weeks while getting several treatments each week..

Please don't forget about me while I am "out of commission" for awhile. I am looking forward with great hopes that this is the answer I've been searching for and that I will be back able to entertain like I have in the past.

Keep watching my website for updates and as always thanks for the support and prayers.
P. S. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and gifts.



Just an update on the condition of my feet.....Been taking some nutritional products, using some new orthotics and getting lots of rest. I feel a little relief but not so much that I want to do cartwheels yet....

I had such a great audience in Portsmouth that I never want to give up.. I got a lot of adrenaline from the crowd and got thru the show without much pain, but sure paid for it afterwards...

Thanks again to all for all the prayers and support,,,,,,,,,,

Please keep up with me on the internet......Hope to work toward continued improvement and see you all down the road...
God Bless…………..Eddie.


  Hello Everyone,

  I will start by apologizing for taking so long to get around to posting a personal message and greeting.

First of all, a great big “thank you” to everyone for the hundreds of Christmas cards and gifts.  Here's hoping you all had a great Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year!!! 

Also, thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for the betterment of the pain in my feet, that I have been suffering with these past months. 

I have been to several doctors, feet specialists, chiropractors and medical doctors; had X-rays, MRI's and steroid shots; bought new shoes, new boots, new orthotic inserts; have tried all kinds of anti-inflammatory medications, foot creams and foot soakings; have done aggressive physical therapy and everything else I can think of. 

I can't get any kind of diagnosis that makes any sense, or any treatment that has helped the pain in my feet, which recently has moved into my knees. 

I will not cease seeking medical help for answers to these problems, but unfortunately, will have to cease my concert appearances, as I have been doing them. 

I plan to finish the committed contracts for the few shows I have booked for 2012. Anyone who has attended my shows the past couple of months have witnessed how hard it has been for me to continue, as I have to spend a third, or more, of the time sitting on a stool for relief. 

The remaining shows could be, and most likely will be, short of a miracle, my last performances of My Salute to Elvis.   

 My future plans include continuing to seek some kind of relief for my feet ailments.

If and when I am able to, I plan to continue entertaining, in some way, but most likely will not include the Salute to Elvis part.  The heavy costumes, belts, capes and boots, plus the moves and dancing required of an Elvis show will not help with any kind of healing. I am going to have to re-invent myself and my show. 

 I have always said, if I felt I could NOT do justice to the Elvis Legend, then I would cease.  That time has come. 

I have been struggling with this problem for almost a year now, with no relief.  I have dreaded this decision, but really the decision has been made for me against my will. I have been told all my life, by many, “When God closes a door, He opens a window." 

My hope is, that I can get enough relief, to at least, put together some type of show that does not require a lot of standing, dancing, with heavy costumes and include more stool sitting.    My voice and stage personality has not changed. I can maybe do a show with more variety of songs and STILL include some of those great Elvis songs without the heavy jumpsuits or moves. This, of course, depends on audience's willing to accept the change, and of course, willingness to come see me. 

Just keep checking my web site for anything further. I will try to be more consistent with personal entries. 

Thanks to all, for all the years of support.   Believe me when I say, I will miss you a lot more than you will miss me!!  


Yours Always, 

 Eddie Miles