Highlights of Eddie Miles last performance of his "Tribute to Elvis"
 at the Alabama Theater in Myrtle Beach, SC on January 23, 2016.
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I know many of you have been asking about the video that was taken at my last show.
I have had a chance to view the footage. 
There was a technical glitch and the last 5 songs were cut from the recording.
"The Miracle of the Rosary", "Help Me", "My Way", "The Trilogy", and "Can't Help Falling in Love",
were not on the recording.
The rest of the program looks good.  I would like to get a feel for what you, the fans, want me to do.
Would you want an incomplete video?
Please use     eddiemilesfan@gmail.com     to give me your feedback.
We will have a count and I will make a decision.




 The Late J.D. Sumner of The Stamps  Quartet:   
"Eddie is simply the BEST, nobody does it better."

The Late Charlie Hodge:   
ife long friend and band member of Elvis
" I have traveled far and wide, Eddie is the closest
 to sound and looks of Elvis as you will find."

Ed Enoch of The Stamps Quartet:  
  Elvis called him the greatest voice in gospel music.

 "The closest to the man and his music, I agree with JD Sumner,
Eddie is the best."

Scotty Moore
Legendary Guitar Player for Elvis:
 "Eddie Miles, a fine entertainer, respectfully re-creating the image,
but most of all, keeping the music alive."

D. J. Fontana:   
 Elvis' drummer: "Eddie is one of the finest entertainers
 I have worked with. He looks great, sings great and
does a fantastic tribute to Elvis."

 Gordon Stoker of The Jordanaires: 
 "We've seen a lot of Elvis Tribute shows.
 Eddie's is certainly one of the classiest ever."

Terry Blackwood of The Imperials Quartet:   
 "Eddie is the closest I've seen to the real Elvis. 

He has Elvis captured."

Ronnie McDowell
 “Eddie’s got the look, he's got the sound,

he's really got Elvis down.

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